Disabling the Front Panel on my Samsung TV

SamsungFor a couple of weeks recently I have been having a running battle with my youngest, who loved the fact that he had worked out that he can press the buttons on the TV.  

He was forever going over and either switching channel, switching source, turning the TV off or just turning the volume up to maximum.  He would always do this right as we were in the middle of a game, or watching a film, and as soon as he would do this, he would then just stand there laughing.

So the challenge was on, I set about looking to disable the front panel, so everything had to be done via the remote.  I am surprised this is not an option in the basic menus, to be honest I think this is something that should be easily accessible.  The model of my TV is LE40B550A5W.  I looked around several forums and this seems to be a common problem. 

To disable this you need to go into the service menu.  On most of the forums I was looking at there were people saying, and rightly so that if you play around in here you may brick your TV then you are on your own.  So I thought I would add the same here.  DISCLAIMER - These instructions worked for me, anything you do on your TV is at your own risk.

These instructions were for my TV, there are other options to go into to access the Service Menu on different models.

  1. Turn the TV off via the remote
  2. Press Info, Menu, Mute, Power (This will switch the TV and bring it up in the Service Menu)
  3. Go to the Control Menu
  4. Go to the Hotel Option
  5. Click on Hotel Mode and switch it to On
  6. Go Back 
  7. Go to Panel Button Lock and Switch it to On
  8. Power the TV off via the remote, then Power it back on.


Now you Front Panel should be disabled, so now when he runs over to the TV I have a little smile watching his puzzled little face as it is still on.

If the combination above does not get you into your Service menu, then look here as it has several methods listed :


As the saying goes I won this battle but the war is far from over, he still empties my printer tray, and the bookshelf, but one battle at a time.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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