Sony Ericsson Summer Showcase

Last week on the 7th September I was invited to the Summer Showcase that was put on by Sony Ericsson and Brando.

The night was to showcase many of their products, especially the Xperia Ray and the Xperia Arc S.  On the night I got to see and play with the following handsets:

I was also impressed with the earphones that they had, they are said to be tangle free, I did try my best to screw them up, chuck them in my pocket and bag and for the short while I was trying they did manage to stay tangle free. 

Xperia Arc SWith regards to the Arc S and the Ray, they both were running Android 2.3.4.  The screens on the phones were really good, the pictures the showed were impressive, very crisp and sharp.  Both of the handsets have the mobile Bravia technology.  

Both were very thin and lightweight.  They have an 8.1 mega pixel camera and both come with Exmor R for mobiles.  This allows for much more light into the shot, so even in darker situations you can still capture some good photos.

One the Arc S, I was really impressed with the fact you can take 3D pictures with the camera, you can take a "panoramic sweep" which records a 3D image.  This can then be played back through your 3D TV (via the HDMI cable supplied with the device).  If I am honest the image was quite good.  Out of the two devices, I think I would prefer the Arc S, although they both did seem like great handsets.

Xperia RayI also had another go with the Xperia Play, when I first tried this out at a pre-launch party, I was not impressed.  The amount of games that were going to be available at the launch was limited, plus the handsets we had seemed jerky and stuttering along while playing the games.  Now it has been released the device seemed to handle the game play much better, I was playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and not once did the game jerk or stall it was very smooth.

As well as the tech on display, they laid on some cracking entertainment. First there was the fantastic singer @emelisande, I recommend you listen to her tracks, she recently had a top 3 hit with the song 'Heaven'.  After that was a magical display from @Dynamomagician.  What can I say Dynamo was amazing and frustrating at the same time, the tricks he performed were spectacular, but also frustrating because no matter close I watched him I could not see how he done it.  If you are not familiar with him, then search for him on Youtube.

As always I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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