Pelican Microcase 1050

Pelican Microcase 1050This is my review of the Microcase 1050 from Pelican.  I wanted a case to keep my normal and my "administrative" USB thumb drives together.

I chose one of these as I have heard many people are always reporting on how good pelican cases are for storing your gadgets , etc.  Mainly so you can keep them safe during transit, or just keep them safe in your house.  This is fairly big for what I wanted but I know with the drives inside they will be safe.  The dimensions of the case are listed below:

Interior (Length * Width * Depth

6.31" * 3.68" * 2.75 " (16 * 9.3 * 7 cm)


7.5" * 5.06" * 3.12" (19 * 12.8 * 7.9 cm)

You can get these in a variety of colours, you can also get them with a clear lid, so if you do want to be able to easily see inside you can.  Inside the rubber liner offers extra protection & doubles as o-ring seal, it has an automatic Pressure Equalisation Valve - this balances interior pressure & keeps water out.  The case also comes with a lifetime Guarantee of Excellence.  Pelican say they are Watertight, Crushproof and Dust Proof.

This size case would be ideal for keeping your phone, or iPod safe while you are camping or at a festival etc, as it also comes with a carabiner clip, you can easily clip it to your bag.  I can fit my iPhone, plus iPod nano earphones plus the plug charger and cable easily inside.  

Another good use for this case could be if you are spending a day at the beach you could easily store your phone in here and you know it would be safe from the sand, water and other small accidents.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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