Krusell Luna iPad 2 Case Review

This is my review of the iPad 2 case from Krusell.  This case is currently available for purchase from Gearzap.

The case fits perfectly around the iPad 2.  When it is in the case is a very tight fit so you know there will be no movement of the device whilst it is sitting in the case.  It does this while still giving you full and easy access to all the buttons, the cameras (front and rear facing) and the dock connector at the bottom of the device.  Since I have had this, the iPad has not been out of the case. 

The case is made to a very high quality, it has been made out of leather, the one I have is brown, but I believe you can also get it in Red or Sand.  It looks very smart whilst carrying the device around plus it does look stylish when you have it sitting on the desk etc.

The interior of the case is made up of a very soft microfibre cloth, so it really does protect your iPad whilst it is in the case, there are no abrasive materials that could scratch the iPad surface.

The case also has three settings on the opening cover so you can also convert the case into a stand as you can see in the picture above.  Because it has three different height settings you can easily adjust the iPad for the optimal viewing angle.

The case acts just like the smart cases from Apple, because there are magnets on the front of the case, it puts your iPad to sleep when you close the screen as well as waking your iPad from sleep when you open the case.  This is where I have one small criticism of the case, sometimes if you fold the front cover right back on it's self the magnets sometimes put the iPad to sleep.

This case is well priced at £26.95 inc vat you can purchase this from the following link


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