Cocoon Grid-it Organiser

Grid-itThis is my review of the Grid-it organiser from Cocoon.  This is an excellent organiser for all the accessories you carry with you.

I hate having bits in my bag floating around, cables, adapters, thumb drives, pens , etc.  I like to have everything organised, this is why this is brilliant.  They come in all different sizes for what ever you need to carry around.  They start quite small 7" * 5" up to 11"*15".  They also have a small zip flap compartment in there in case you need to carry tickets, cash around , etc.

This keeps all of your items safe and secure.  All if the elastic straps criss-cross so you can place your items in places that suit you and so you make sure all your items stay in place.

They also do cases as well so you can add in your ipad/tablet or laptop in the pouch with the grid it organiser on the outside.

As you can from the picture of my current grid it below you can see all the equipment I can carry around, it's all together and tidy.  You know that you can grab this one thing and you can everything with you all in one place, excellent for when you are traveling as well.  If you are on a plane you can just pull this out of your bag and place in the pocket in front of you.

You can see all the available products that they offer by clicking on the link, or you reach out on twitter.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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