Firewire 800 port stopped working on my iMac

iMacYesterday I got home from my holiday, switched on my iMac, only to return an hour later to notice my Firewire 800 clone drive was not mounted and my Superduper clone backup had not completed.  At first I thought my drive had gone pop, so connected another drive and again the same it would not mount.  I tried the drives in my laptop and they both mounted succesfully.

Thankfully it was not the iMac starting to go wrong after a quick reset of the SMC, the drive mounted.

To reset your SMC on the iMac you need to :

  • Shutdown the iMac down
  • Remove ALL the cables from the back, power and peripherals
  • Wait approx 15 secs, then plug just the power cable back in
  • Wait for another 5 seconds roughly, then switch the iMac back on.
  • Once it has booted up you can then plug the peripherals back in.

In this case everything was good and I could complete my backup.

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