Apple Pencil stopped suddenly

Apple Pencil stopped suddenly

My Apple Pencil just stopped working yesterday, strange as it has been fine, so while in the meeting I plugged it into my Pad just thinking it was dead.

After about five minutes I grabbed it and tried to use it, again dead. Next I tried to un-screw the tip and then screw it back in, plug it in to the iPad, this sometimes works for me.

This still failed, I was starting to think this is odd, looking at the widgets screen it was not showing up.

Flicking Airplane mode on and off, still nothing I could see bluetooth was on, still nothing. Rebooted my iPad, still nothing.

The only thing that helped for me was deleting the Pencil and then re-adding this in. I went into the Bluetooth menu, found the pencil and clicked Forget this Device.

Once done, I plugged this in and then it started to work again as normal.

Very strange why this suddenly started to happen.

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