1Password and Dropbox



If you are using 1Password you really should set it up so your 1Password keychain is stored on Dropbox.  The reason is for ease of syncing and keeping all the places you have 1Password installed kept up to date.

Once you have your keychain moved, for example when I add or edit an entry on my mac, then next time I load 1Password on my Windows machine they are updated automatically, I don't need to think about syncing the machines to ensure I always have the most up to date information.  This also comes into it's own with your iOS devices, once you have set up the syncing from your main machine.

Select to sync from your iOS device and then you will always have all your 1Password systems up to date.

To set it up could not be easier, on your Mac for example, load 1Password, then from the 1Password menu select Preferences.

 Then select "Move to Dropbox" as shown below

Once this is done, allow dropbox to fully sync up, then from there set your iOS device to sync using dropbox.  It really could not be any simpler.

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