Take a screenshot in MacOS


This quick tip will be known by many out there, but for people who are new to the mac these are some simple steps to let you take some screen shots.  Again to use the following commands you will need the command key.



The first one, Command-Shift-3: This will take a screenshot of the full screen.  The file will automatically be saved onto the desktop.

If you need to take a screen shot of one particular area of the screen, then use Command-Shift-4, then you can select an area of the screen, again this will save the file to your desktop.

If you need to a screen shot of a certain window, i.e the Save dialog box then you need Command-Shift-4-space,once again you will find the file on your desktop.

There may be the need that you want to include the screen shot into a mail or a document, to do this you can use the following command.  This will save the snapshot to the clipboard instead, basically the same as the command above but you now need to use the control key as well.

So Command-Control-Shift-3 will take a full screenshot and save the picture to your clipboard.

Again as above Command-Control-Shift-4, then select an area, this will take a snapshot of an area then it to the clipboard

Finally Command-Control-Shift-4-space, then click a window, this will take the screenshot of a window and save it to the clipboard, ready to paste it into an application.


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