The Truth About Getting Hired In Software

Software development is an industry that’s rife with possibilities. There are a lot of people looking to hire fresh young talent, it’s true. However, there’s also a lot of fresh young talent looking to get hired. Whether you’re new to the game or an old hand by now, you need to give yourself a competitive edge. In this article, we’re going to look at the steps you can take to give yourself that edge.


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Be passionate

The first thing you need to be able to show is that you have passion for the work that you do. There’s no faking this. You need to be attending conferences, if you can. Following blogs and working on side-projects in your spare time. You need to show that you know what you’re talking about, not just be looking for a job. Software development is a creative process, after all.

Put your foot in the door

As you have no doubt heard before, the best jobs aren’t advertised online or in print. In fact, some would argue the majority of jobs in total aren’t. There are companies who will go for the recruitment process or hire inside their own doors. But you can still reach out to them. Reaching out is the key. Don’t be afraid to inquire at companies you like, regardless of whether they state they’re hiring or not.


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Don’t stop learning

You might already have the education and the knowledge of one language or another you need to work in the tech industry. If you’re going to rest on your laurels, however, don’t expect to be an impressive catch to other developers. They, along with the people they’ll hire in the end, are always focusing on learning. So make sure you do the same, whether it’s teaching yourself or taking Hadoop training online.

Have a portfolio ready

You’re going to need more than a resume ready to really impress people, however. Regardless of what professional work you have (or haven’t) done, you should set yourself up with a portfolio site. In fact, some of the most popular job seekers present their resume entirely with their site. Show work you’ve done as part of your education as well as your own personal projects.


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Be able to talk more than just software

The reputation that techies have is as the opposite of the social butterfly. However, anyone in the tech industry can tell you it’s the opposite. They have vibrant lives and interests all their own. They will want to know you have personal as well as technical skills. Hobbies, even as simple as exercising, can demonstrate that to them.

Practice your interview

Of course, a good hire often comes from a good interview. You might have the rest looking great, but if you can’t communicate your value well in an interview, you’re in trouble. Practice, not verbatim, but the points and language you need to be using. Have someone to help you and work out your nerves so you can speak clearly and with confidence.


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