Awesome Ways We Can Use Wireless Tech

As technology advances, it seems like everything is trying to become wireless. It’s not hard to see why, though. Wireless stuff is more portable, doesn’t need wires and can connect to most devices. All-around, it’s an awesome technology.

And every day, it gets more awesome. Did you know you can now get wireless internet in space, or in the middle of the ocean? Technology is exciting and innovative, and that’s what this post will celebrate.

So, kick back with your wireless phone or tablet, and have a scroll through these useful ways we can use wireless tech!

Wireless charging. It was an inevitability, but wireless charging is now a common sight in smartphones and suppliers. Even furniture stores like IKEA sell stuff like wireless charging bedside cabinets and work lamps. It’s astonishing. You can power your laptop, phone or device, instantly and with ease.


This tech works by having you place your device on a ‘pad’ which will then charge it. The bedside cabinet has a pad on top, so you can place your phone on it while you sleep. Not all devices are wireless charging compatible, but most are. To check, just look for the ‘Qi’ logo on your device or its packaging.

Internet… anywhere. It’s amazing to think that just fifteen years ago, broadband was in its early stages. And now, it’s as common as hot meals! The home isn’t the only place to which the internet has spread, and it’s now possible to get coverage in any part of the world.

You can now even get 4G for yachts at sea, in space, or in the desert. Not that you’ll be going to space anytime soon, but it’s exciting and cool regardless! This opens the doors for all kinds of opportunities, including free internet for those in underdeveloped areas. The applications of this tech are exciting.

Wireless video cameras. Global security, and household security, are big businesses, and they’re got a massive leap here. Wireless video cameras allow the user to keep an eye on a location from anywhere in the world.


Going on holiday to Ibiza? You can still keep an eye on the dog. These cameras are even able to be moved wirelessly, and you can also have them emit a sound to ward off intruders. This wireless tech is already in play in households and landmarks like the Statue of Liberty. So why not jump on board!

Contactless payments. It feels like it’s been around forever, but it’s actually quite recent. For those now in the know, contactless payments allow you to scan your card on the machine to pay. No PIN required! You can only do this for small payments, but it’s still useful.

The applications of this are beneficial for both retailer and customer. The customer doesn’t have to enter a PIN, and can complete the transaction quicker. The retailer will be able to shorten queues much more quickly, as there is no exchanging of cash required.

And there’s your list! Hopefully, something in this post intrigued you enough that you’ll research it further. Wireless tech is truly a game changer, and it’s exciting to see it develop.

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