O2 Compensation

O2 LogoSo after the issues last week with O2 they have now sent out several details about the compensation they are offering.  I think it is good that they have come out straight away with an offer of compensation.  I did put up a post when the issues were occurring.  The post detailed how you can divert your number if the issues ever arise again.

With regards to the compensation on offer, they have said that all Pay monthly customers will get a 10% refund on their July subscription, (this will be applied to your September bill).  As for PAYG customers you will get 10% extra on your first top up in September, they will both be applied automatically, you don't need to contact them.  It may be worth checking in September to ensure it does get applied to your account.

All customers will also get £10 to spend in any O2 store via Priority Moments.  The voucher can be downloaded between the 1st and the 30th September.  With regards to the voucher, again there are a couple of items you can't use them for.  You can't use them for top-ups or Pay monthly credits.  Also you won't be able to get change on the vouchers if the purchase you make is under £10.

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