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Send To KindleI have just installed this application on both my Mac and my Windows laptop.  It's a great way to get your own documents etc onto your kindle device, or in my case the kindle application on the iPad.

It's incredibly simple to use, on the windows side you just select your file or files, then right click and select "Send to Kindle".  You also can use the print dialog box, all you need to so is select the printer "Send to Kindle"

On the Mac version you can open the applications and drag your files into it or just drag the files to the dock icon.  Also on the Mac side you have the option to use select the printer "Send to Kindle" from the print dialog box.

So now you can store your documents in evernote and/or you can keep them on your kindle, you can just scan to pdf and send it away.

You can download the application from the following link from Amazon : Send-to-Kindle.

Mac Application - Send To Kindle

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