Skydrive Storage

Microsoft SkydriveFrom now on if you sign up to Microsoft's Skydrive, you will be getting 7Gb of storage instead of the 25Gb they used to offer you once you sign up.  If you are an existing customer then you are being given a free upgrade to 25Gb of storage but you have to visit the skydrive site to claim your free upgrade, you need to do so using this following link

As well as your free upgrade, you can also pay for additional storage, the options are


  • Skydrive +20 £6/Year Add 20Gb to your free storage
  • Skydrive +50 £16/Year Add 50Gb to your free storage
  • Skydrive +100 £32/Year Add 100Gb to your free storage.


Most users will already use a service like dropbox, but this may be a serious competitor.  Now it has been released onto the desktop, it creates a folder like dropbox and files and folders copied into this will automatically be synchronised.  The upgrade pricing is a lot cheaper to upgrade than the current dropbox prices.

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