Raspberry Pi Launch

So today it has been annouced that the Raspberry Pi is available to order.  On the site it says

"Six years after the project's inception, we’re nearly at the end of our first run of development – although it’s just the beginning of the Raspberry Pi story. Now we start developing educational tools and initiatives, at the same time as continuing research and development on Raspberry Pi hardware.

Although we are still waiting for units to arrive from China, you can start buying the Raspberry Pi today. We have entered into licensed manufacture partnerships with two British companies, Premier Farnell and RS Components. They’ll be manufacturing and distributing the devices on behalf of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and handling the distribution of our first batches as they arrive in the country. The Foundation continues to make a small profit from each Raspberry Pi sold, which we’ll be putting straight back into the charity.

Today’s sales are limited to one per customer, so that as many of you as possible are able to get their hands on one. Starting in a month or so, you will be able to place batch orders with both Premier Farnell and RS Components for as many units as you want; you’ll also save some money on postage by doing this.

All of the first units to be produced are the $35 Raspberry Pi Model B. These are the more fully featured versions of the Raspberry Pi. The main difference from the Model A is that they include an Ethernet port, and 2 USB ports.

We’ve been working hard at cost reduction over the last few months, and we’ve been able to make one significant change to the Raspberry Pi lineup. The $25 Model A has been reworked to include 256MB of RAM– double what we were originally planning to offer – and will be going into production immediately."

I have managed to register on the RS site (link above) but I can't get to farnell.com, I take it the servers are too busy due to demand.  So hopefully I will find out shortly if I have been sucessful.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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