PCPro follow up on the ACS Law Case

I am a regular listener to the PCPro podcast and recently they have been talking about following up on the firm ACS Law who have been demanding money from alleged file sharers.  Basically ACS Law would send a letter to an alleged file sharer which would say either pay them £500 or go to court.

Originally there were about 27 cases that were going to court, after many had chose just to pay the fine to avoid the troubles, however when the cases got to court ACS Law just tried to drop the cases without any evidence being heard. 

They have followed this up and gone into some detail about how he avoided his £200,000 fine and in the end ony had to pay £1000.  You can read their follow up here http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/367624/the-luxury-lifestyle-of-the-hard-up-file-sharing-lawyer.

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