Twitter may hand your details over

I am just reading the metro from this morning, and on the front page there is story regarding twitter and the recent leaks regarding "Super Injunctions". It is reported that the head of Twitter in Europe, Tony Wang has said he would give information on users if they were legally required and they would leave the users who posted the tweets to defend themselves in court.

He insisted they would notify the users first if they were being asked to hand over any information.

The comments were made at the first e-G8 summit in Paris, as lawyers in Britain have challenged the website to reveal the tweeters who have according to them broke the injunction. Among the list are certain celebrities such as Piers Morgan and Dom Joly.

It has been mentioned that many users may be undetectable as you only need an email address to sign up.

I would be interested to hear others take on the so please feel free to comment.

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