Lestudio52 Gaming Night

On Friday I attended a fantastic gaming night organised by @adonisdemon at lestudio52.


There were 3 consoles setup in total, 2 Xbox 360's and 1 PS3, while there was some practice going on before the main gaming competitions started, there was plenty of gaming action happening.  There was Blackops, Wipeout, Blur, Streetfighter IV, Need for Speed, Red Dead Redemption and many more.  There were 2 projectors for two of the consoles, and the other had a 42" LCD TV so there were no worries about not being able to see the screen. 


I would like to play it down, that I did not need to practice etc, but the truth of it was I was there from very early afternoon trying to get used to playing on the consoles again, and if I'm honest it didn't really help me, although I can say I did get one small victory over the eventual winner of the evening at Streetfighter, but I soon paid for that in the next game, he stepped it up to his "A" game and luckily enough I got two punches in he could not wipe me out with two perfects.


Anyway as you can imagine with a bunch of IT/Gamers/Tech people we were all setup with a high tech solution to pick to opponents for the early rounds in the competitions, however this was not the case as you can see.

Yes that is a ripped up pizza box, with our names scribbled on them, simple but effective.

 Please excuse the quality of the picture, it was just taken with the camera on my phone, for good pictures of the evening then please check the link at the bottom, there are some awesome photos that were taken on the night courtesy of @jonchoo.

So we started the night with the Streetfighter Competition, the names were picked at random.  The rules were you could not pick your fighter, you could only select random, and it was the best out of five.


Below we have the actual results as the competition went on.

Round 1

Lee vs Tom
Tom wins 3-2

Abul vs Heather
Abul wins 3-1

Andy vs Jen
Andy wins 3-0

Marc vs Jon
Marc wins 3-0

Mel vs Christiano
Mel wins 3-1

Craig vs Gareth
Gareth wins 3-2

Yasin vs Nick
Yasin wins 3-0

Lou vs farhan

Farhan wins 3-0

Barney vs Marc (picked out of the winners at random as Barney had no opponent)

Marc wins 3-0

Round 2

Tom vs Gareth
Tom wins 3-0

Yasin vs Abul
Abul wins 3-1

Mel vs farhan
Farhan wins 3-2

Marc vs Andy
Marc wins 3-1


Abul vs Tom

Abul wins 3-0

Marc vs Farhan

Marc wins 3-1

The final

Abul vs Marc

Abul wins 3-1

His prize was Dragons Age 2 for the Xbox, the prizes for the evening were provided by http://www.theaveragegamer.com/ (@theaveragergamer)


After the excitement of the first competition, we then moved onto the driving challenge.  The challenge was on the game Blur.  It had a similar format to the Streetfighter competition, this time the top 2 would proceed on in the competition. 

Round 1


Tom and Andy through to round 2 


Nick and Heather through to round 2 


Yasin and Cristiano through to round 2 

Round 2

Yasin, Cristiano, Andy, farhar

Yasin and Andy proceed to the final


Heather, Tom, nick

Tom and Nick proceed to the final



Yasin, Andy, Tom & Nick.  After a very tense finish, Yasin pipped Nick practically on the line.

Yasin 1st
Nick 2nd
Tom 3rd
Andy 4th


Yasin's prize was again a copy of Dragon's Age 2, but he chose this for the Playstation 3.  Again the prize was donated by http://www.theaveragegamer.com/ (@theaveragergamer).  Below you can see a photo of the nights winners.

For more pictures of the evening, click on this link here http://is.gd/qEpcNp, the photos are brilliant and they were all taken by @jonchoo.

 I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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