Erasable Smart Notebook

Erasable Smart Notebook

I got sent this and I was very interested in this as I try to be paperless as best as I can, but every now a then paper is very quick and simple, usually I use index cards, this could solve many problems.

The notebook itself is A5 in size, not too many pages, lightweight and comes with a water based pen. Each page has a line for a page number and a place for a date. It also has the days of the week so you can easily track your pages.

Half of the pages are lined, some are dotted square pages for drawing and sketches The pages are not paper as such they feel plastic. You can only write on these with a water based pen, not really a big deal as you can clip it to the notebook.

The pen that comes with this notebook, as well as index notes and a cloth has an eraser nib on the top of the lid so you can easily erase what you write. You can use and reuse these pages up to 500 times. So you can use a damp cloth, wet wipes or a hair dryer to clean the pages.

This notebook then gets better as with the Camscanner App which uses machine vision and image processing allows you to scan and share the pages so you can always keep a digital copy. There is a QR code on the back of the box so you can easily find the application.

This allows you to keep a digital history of your notes that you can always refer back to once you need to clean the pages.

Even better you can use the code GEEK15 to give you 15% off your orders. You can order your notebook from this link.

As well as this standard Notebook, they have two other products. There is a Daily Planner and a Weekly/Monthly/Yearly planner. These have the same benefits as this notebook as when you are finished, you just wipe it clean and setup again, no longer do you need to keep buying planners.

To me the daily planner looks like it will be a game changer for me, this is exactly how I like to plan out my day with a timetable and a priority list. You can read more about these from the following links, I will be getting a daily planner.

Daily Planner

Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Planner

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