This is my review of the book Blackhatonomics.  I got this book recently via the Oreilly Blogger Review Program.

This book is a very good insight into the world of Cybercrime.  It goes into depth regarding the methods used, and the reasons for why it is done.  It is well written and it is a good reading for both technical and non-technical readers.

It has some very interesting statistics on the levels of crime being committed, and the vast amounts of money that are generated via Cybercrime.  After reading this book, you can see how much the threats have increased over the years, and how countries/governments are now starting to look into the threats more, although more resources are needed.  I found many chapters of this book interesting, especially after reading about some "state sponsored" attacks.

It discusses the rise of cyber crime from the very early days of blue boxing, to the more well known and publicised attacks of today.

All the authors have extensive knowledge of their fields and I think that comes across in this book.

If the world of Cybercrime is interesting to you then I can't recommend this book enough. 


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