Effective Monitoring and Alerting for Web Operations

This is my review of the book Effective Monitoring and Alerting from O'Reilly.  This book was of interest as where I am currently working they are looking into setting up a new monitoring strategy to try and ease the task of monitoring and centralise the monitoring to one department.  Currently there any lots of different products etc being used within all the teams, and they are all really doing the same job.

The book is well written, I found the book very informative, and it wasn't to hard to read.  With the topic I was thinking it could be a bit much to take but this was not the case, it stayed interesting through all of the chapters.

This book doesn't show you how to set a system up, or exactly what tools you should use, if you are looking for that then this book won't show you that.

If you are new to gathering and studying performance/system metrics then this book is a introduction that then continues to go deeper into the subject.

The main chapters in the book are Monitoring, Alerting, Scaling, Monitoring System Automation, The Work environment, Measuring Success, The principles. 

This book describes an effective data-driven approach that could help to enable you to maintain high availability and deliver a high quality of service.


Effective Monitoring and Alerting

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