Boogie Board LCD Writing tablet

Boogie BoardThis is my review of the Boogie Board LCD writing tablet.  This is an 8.5 tablet that you can use to Sketch, Draw, Write on etc without paper.  The tablet is incredibly light, you would hardly notice carrying this around.

My first impressions were this looked really good, and could have lots of uses, but straight away I could see one major problem with this and that's you can't save your notes or transfer them off.  There are more models in the range, which do have more functionality.

The practical use for this, would be sticking this on the fridge to leave notes for people to write important notes etc, so you don't have hundreds of bits of paper stuck on with magnets.  

The Boogie Board comes with a very good stylus, microfibre cleaning cloth and a clip to sit on top of the device to hold the stylus as well as 4 magnetic stickers so you can stick this onto the fridge.  Once you have wrote your notes and you have finished, you just press the button at the top and the tablet screen is refreshed and you can start over with a new clean slate.

I showed this to my children to see what they thought, and they absolutely love it, they love drawing little pictures then pressing the button and starting again, they play their own versions of pictionary with each other, which is good because of saves a lot of paper.  This also get used a lot for when the kids are doing their times tables or spelling practice for school, as they can spell out their words etc, press the button clear the screen and start again, with new words or the words they got wrong.  With my eldest I draw grids so she can do her times tables, or a write down a few random sums for her to practice with.

So for everyday use, I can't see this being used in a work environment, but for home uses like I have mentioned, it is a good little device to have around.  They are priced at around £30 and you can get them on Amazon.  With Christmas fast approaching it could be a handy stocking filler.

Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD Writing Tablet

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