Jabra Revo Wired Headphones

This is my review of the Jabra Revo Wired earphones.  These are very similar to the wireless Revo headphones you can read my full review of them via this link.

As with the other earphones in the Jabra Range they have partnered with Dolby to create the speakers and the sound is impressive. I am not normally a fan of the Can type earphones, my personal preference is that the in-ear earphones, to me they cancel out more outside noise and and not so in your face when you are walking down the road.

I also like to have earphones based on recommendation or on the sound quality rather than just bright coloured certain brand earphones which most people but because of the brand and not the sound quality.

You can use them straight out the box with your device of choice or you can combine them the application they has been developed. Then it gets more interesting.

With the Revo wired earphones, they do not have any controls on the ear pieces themselves, you have the controls on the lead.  There are only three buttons, Volume +, Volume - and the multi function button, although there only the three buttons, you can do many tasks.


  • One press of the middle multi function it will Play/Pause the music*
  • Volume + & Volume - as you can imagine turns he volume up and down**
  • Answer/end your phone call Tap the Multi function button*
  • Reject an incoming call Press and hold the middle button for 2 seconds*
  • Redial last number Double tap the multi function button
  • Skip track forward Double tap the multi function button*
  • Skip track backwards Triple tap the multi function button*
  • * Phone Dependant
  • ** Apple Devices Only


The Mic is built in to the same section as where the buttons, and it hangs down a couple of inches from your chin.  The cord on the earphones is like a thin piece of rope, to they are not like the normal strand of wire you normally get on in ear phones, it feels very sturdy and not like they will break after a couple of months.

The adapter the plugs into your device is t-shaped, in which the cord is slotted through a solid plastic connector, so inevitably when they get pulled out the device, when you don't grab the adaptor like you should, you also know they will still last a long time as its a durable design.

The build quality of these head phones are really good, the frame is made from Aluminium, so they are very strong and sturdy as well as being light. The top piece that goes across your head have a soft rubber coating so they are really comfortable on you head while you are wearing them. The ear cups themselves are made out of soft leather so they are comfortable to wear and the don't irritate as some sponge ones might, plus with the leather if you do wear these down the gym they won't soak up all your sweat. I liked the way the earphones fold up so you can store these easier than if they stayed in position all the time. The ear cups move independently as well so you get the most comfortable fit what ever your head shape.

As I mentioned before, these headphones come with an additional application to enhance the listening experience. It allows you to use one of the predetermined presets depending on the type of music, or you can set it up as you prefer the music to sound.

Jabra Sound Application

As you can see there are several items you can change so you can get the music to sound exactly how YOU want it too sound. It has access to all of your music, so you don't have to worry about not getting your tracks. I would recommend using the application while playing your music.

As they have partnered with Dolby, there is a button you can press, call Dolby Digital Plus you can see it above just next to the controls. If you turn this off you can really notice the difference, not sure why you would turn it off, best to have it sounding as best as you can have it.

These earphones cost around £180, but they are really good, especially when combined with their application.

You can get the full specs from the website.

I am always looking at ways to improve, and so I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments to the site, or you can email me here.

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