Mifi Version 3 Model E586

This is my review of the latest version of the Mifi Device, the third iteration of it.  I have always loved these devices, and I was a big fan of the first two models, you can read my reviews of those earlier models here (Version 1 & Version 2).  With this model again it has improved with the introduction of HSPA+. With HSPA+ this allows theoretically speeds up to 21.1 Mbps.  This model is better looking than the previous models it has a more sleek look, one of the best things I heard at the launch was "It's shinier than the previous models".

Three are currently upgrading their network for HSPA+ and I believe the majority of the network has been upgraded already.  Most of the time when I was using the device I had the "H" which signalled I was getting better speed than your standard 3G.  The average download speed I was getting was around 7.5 Mbps which is quite impressive even to compared to some users ADSL lines.  I was not sure if I was ever meant to see a "H+" to let me know I was getting the highest speed.  Whenever I was using the device I only saw H or 3G, so I can't say for sure if there is a sign for H+.

If you can achieve these speeds in your home area them as this system gets upgraded more it could become a real replacement for your home internet.  If you were thinking of keeping this at home as your main router, it now comes with a handy dock so you would not have to worry about misplacing it.  Again with this model you can have up to 5 devices connected, so at home you could have your PC, tablet and smartphone connected at one time.

WIth the E586 it now has two buttons on the side, one is the power button to switch the device on/off and get your self started, the other is a button with a key printed on it.  Once pressed this displays the SSID of the wireless network it create, it also displays the WIFI key needed to join the network.  So no more having to carry the cards around or make a note of the password.

My one small negative about this is that again it comes with a Micro SD card slot, but you still can't access this over the wifi network, so if you do want to use the card you will need to connect it to your machine via USB.

With this model it now also comes in white, which quite a few people were very pleased with.  So now if you wanted to purchase this to match other white smartphones/tablets etc, well now you can.



For prices and details head over to Three's site for all the options you have in purchasing this product.

I am always looking at ways to improve, and so I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments to the site, or you can email me here.

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