Little icons on the top corner of your apps in the dock

My daughter was asking me the other day, why each morning when she looks at her phone there is an alarm clock in the top right of the app.

When you see the alarm clock, it knows that you use use that app most days at the same time of the day, so it prompts you as thinks you want to open that app again.

You may also see the location services arrow, this is because the GPS knows that you open that app often in that location, for me every time I get to my Karate Club the attendance app pops up in the dock, as I always use that to track student attendance, to me I like it it's good.

You do also sometime see a computer, this means you might want to open the page from Handoff, so if you are looking at something else on the Mac or Phone you can open it on the iPad etc.

You can turn this feature off if you don't want it

  1. Open the Settings app -> General -> Multitasking and Dock
  2. Under Dock, find Show Suggested and Recent Apps, from here you can toggle off or on

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