@Trello and Butler, great but disappointing

Recently it has said that if you are a Trello Gold subscriber then you get to use the Butler plug in. At first I thought this is amazing, the mail I got explained the power up, how good it is and all the possibilities you can use this for.

So I have been busy setting up all the rules and buttons and over the last week or so this has been really helpful, I mean fantastic, as I have everything come into one board, which I call Dashboard.

From here I push things out to either team members board or raise priorities and manually push things around the boards, over the last week this has been excellent, this has really helped and made things run smooth and allows me to get stuff done, rather than spending time moving things around.

The disappointment however has come today, I pressed a board button and got confronted by the following.


At first I don’t recall anything in the initial mail that says anything about quota limit. So they do give you this service if you subscribe but again you are limited unless you sign up to pay for me and go up another subscription offer.

So you can increase your subscription, which for just me, I can’t really justify it. You can see the limits you get in this link - https://help.trello.com/article/1181-butler-features-and-quotas

So be careful about what you set up, even if you are a gold subscriber, you can run out and be out of luck very quickly, which is a shame.

Today is the last day to get your Google Plus data

Today is the last day to get your Google Plus data