Numbers spreadsheet stuck on uploading

I had an occurrence the other day just before I upgraded to iOS 13. I had a numbers spreadsheet which was stuck on my iPad and it would not upload the changes. I tried editing the spreadsheet again to add more changes and then would hope this would kick it in.

Nothing would get this to work, I tried to rename the spreadsheet but this also had no resolution. I had seen some things to try on the interweb. Nothing worked, other things I tried.

  • Create a folder and move the file inside, then back out

  • Rename the File

  • Try and add edits, copy the file and delete the original.

The only thing that worked for me was to go into settings and turn off iCloud Drive which deletes everything. Then switch it back on and let all the syncing happen again. This is annoying and time consuming as you have to wait for everything to come down again.

Has anyone else had this problem, what worked for you to resolve the issue?

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