See Formulas in Numbers Spreadsheet

Recently my daughter had some homework to do (Finally something I can actually understand).  She had to create a spreadsheet and show put in all the formulas and key in the data.  

Not only did she have to print the figures she also had to print the sheet showing the formulas to prove she worked it out and not just typed the answers in.  Personally I think they should of mailed the work in, or saved to a location the teacher could load them, but a different subject.

She was using my home Mac, on there we have Numbers and to my knowledge there is no simple way like in Excel where you can press a button to show the formulas.  I am not a big user of Numbers but a little looking around, I soon found the answers, sadly though it was not simple, I had to use a small snippet of Applescript.

When you have the spreadsheet up then load Applescript Editor, copy and paste the script below and then you will see the formulas.

tell application "Numbers"
  tell front document
    tell active sheet
      tell (first table whose selection range's class is range)
        repeat with c in cells
          tell c
            if formula is not missing value then ¬
            set value to "'" & formula
          end tell
        end repeat
      end tell
  end tell
end tell
end tell

There must be an easier way and I would be very interested in knowing other ways to display them.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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