AlphaZero Google's AI - Chess Master

AlphaZero Google's AI - Chess Master

Just reading 21 lessons for the 21st Century, in there it’s talking about AI and computers beating humans at Chess as an example.

There is an interesting fact, the computer champion Stockfish 8, world champion in 2016 and had centuries of human experience, and decades of computer experience. It can calculate 70 million positions a second.

AlphaZero only formed 80,000 a second, and was never taught it any strategies, not even standard openings. It used latest machine learning principles to self learn playing itsself.

Out of 100 games it won 28 and drew the other 72, never lost once.

The most interesting thing for me is AlphaZero only took 4 hours to learn all of this.

Got a review coming this weekend