Relive Gaming Memories With Your Computer

You’d (probably) be lying if you said that you have never played a game in your life. Even the most successful and busy entrepreneurs found time when they were young to enjoy an arcade game or a round of Tetris on their handheld devices. Perhaps they might even have a laptop now and they enjoy playing video games on it, or they play mobile games when they have a few minutes to kill.

Whatever you played in the past, have you ever wanted to relive those gaming memories? Perhaps you loved to play Monopoly with your school friends but, because you all moved away you’ve never found the time to sit down and enjoy a classic board game after dinner. Or maybe your old NES console has finally kicked the bucket and you can’t find a suitable replacement.



Assuming you own the original copy of a game, it’s actually legal to download an emulator and the ROMs required to run classic games. For example, you can download an NES emulator and the ROMs for classic games such as the original Super Mario Bros and play it on your phone, on your computer or your tablet. Emulators are great for replacing hardware that has been long lost in your attic or basement and you can even install emulators on smaller computers such as a Raspberry Pi, or you could build a cheap small form factor computer and plug it into your living room television for the ultimate retro gaming experience.

Digital Versions of Traditional Games

If you love retro games then you probably have an itch to play games such as Monopoly or Bingo; classic games that you might’ve loved in your youth and you probably even owned physical versions. However, as board games, they can get a little roughed up and parts or pieces might be lost, and it can be difficult getting a game started if your friends or family members live far away.

But fear not! You can play bingo online with your friends and there are multiplayer versions of Monopoly that allow you to connect with people all over the world. If you want more players, you can invite co-workers or even let random people join in, otherwise, you can start an online multiplayer game of Monopoly and enjoy it just like you used to. To add to the experience, consider using voice or video chat such as Skype.

Retro Games

As technology advances so will video games. The latest games such as Minecraft are going to become retro games in a couple of years time, but will people still be playing them? Absolutely! There are online stores such as Steam or Good Old Games that sell updated and improved versions of your favourite retro computer games. They have been rigorously tested and updated so that they work on modern hardware, and they are very cheap as well! If you’ve ever wanted to play classic games such as Age of Empires but you can’t find your old discs, then consider buying a digital version for cheap to relive those gaming memories.

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