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For a huge majority of us, the internet is a massive part of our lives. Not only do we connect with friends through social media, but we also search for answers to questions that elude us and for products that we are considering buying. That makes the internet a natural stop to search for something to do when we are bored, in particular, a game to entertain us. But with so many out there how do you know which one to pick? Read on to find out more.

For kids

There are so many sites out there with free games for your little ones. A perfect way to keep them amused on a long car journey or on a rainy day during the holidays. As long as you don’t mind them using up your mobile data!

In fact, they are likely to know exactly the game that they want to play. But just in case they are running out of ideas, why not try suggestions like Tangram on This is a super simple game that requires your little ones to choose a shape outline, and then fit the geometric smaller shapes into it without any overlaps.

It bright and colourful, and satisfying when you solve the puzzle. What the kids don't realise either is that it’s actually really good for their spatial and shape awareness skills as well.

Or then, for the younger kids, there is the CBeebies game site full of simple but intriguing free online games. Get them to play Danger Dash with Danger Mouse. Or why not practice their observation skills with Mr Tumble?

For sci-fi geeks

For the older teenagers and adults there are many different option of online games. In particular for those that love a bit of science fiction, there are quite few MMORPGs out there. Like Star Trek online based on the popular Gene Roddenberry TV show.

Or how about choosing one of the classic MMORPGS like Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft? Which are both fantasy style games that are constantly evolving with new content, so players don't get bored.

For risk takers

Of course, fantasy and sci-fi aren't everybody's thing in gaming, and for some, they might even find these sort of games a bit boring. Luckily, there are plenty of online games that you can play that will give you the thrill of taking a risk.

For example, why not play some online wagering game like blackjack or slots? Check out this slot comparison for some more information.

Or there are a non-wager, risk and strategy games that can still get your adrenaline going like chess and Go.

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For super sleuths

Lastly, if you are more of a Sherlock Holmes that an adrenaline junkie, you’ll find some offerings to suit you in the online gaming world too.

At the moment there is a big trend is find the clue and escape room type games. Which require good detection and reasoning skills to progress onto the next level.

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