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Over the Christmas break I wanted to find a better Calendar to use, the basic Apple one is not very good. As I seem to be scheduling more during the day (and getting lots more done) I wanted a Calendar that is a bit more flexible, it’s painful sometimes using the Calendar.

I looked around and I know Fantastical seems to be highly recommended, its quite expensive but is was on a 50% off sale, so I downloaded this for my Macbook, which has a 21 day full trial, and paid for it on my iPad as this is my main device most days.

Within about 10 mins I was hooked on my iPad the fact I can change this so the default time is 15 Mins for an appointment, automatically set the default alerts to 15 mins then 5 mins. This instantly saves you time when creating an event, however this is not the best feature for me.

For me when I have it open I can do something like


Meeting to discuss installs 3pm 1 hour /work

The first command+n will bring up the box for new task, then it will create a calendar entry for “Meeting to discuss installs” at 3pm, will last one hour in the Work calendar, simple and effective in seconds I can have a new calendar entry, just as I want it without all the faffing around changing the different sections.

Aother excellent feature of the command line as I call it is I can create a New To-Do as well, once you press Command+n and start with Todo it changes so this will be a new reminder, you can easily see these in the main screen.

As I have reminders linked to IFTTT once I create a new reminder, it was also create a card for me in Trello.

I still think the the price tag for the Mac version is a bit high at £49.99, but I did snap it up while it was on half price, and so far it has been amazing. It sounds far fetched I know but this has made me more productive as I can easily create my tasks for Trello and easily schedule tasks in seconds, thanks to its simplicity.

I have just looked at the Mac version is still half price, I do mainly use my iPad and the £2.99 I spent is one of THE best purchases I have made on iOS.

I will give another update in the next couple of weeks, perhaps a full blown review.

Got a review coming this weekend

iPhone unveiled 12 years ago

iPhone unveiled 12 years ago