Workflow, Trello and IFTTT

Recently I had to knock something up to help someone with student registrations, as they would forgot to add them in to either his student database, the database for contacting them or to his mailing list. 

This involved creating a simple workflow, this allowed him to collect all the student information, this then saves that into a SQL script which can then be automatically inserted into the database on a nightly batch job which runs, it then will create a new Trello card, with the student name and the email address. 

This is where a job has been setup on IFTTT so whenever a new card is added to this list it was take all the details and add them to the main list on MailChimp, so then if he needs to mail everyone then he won’t miss them out, currently this is only version 1, I need to change it so it also adds it the specific class mailing list for if they are a junior or senior member.

For now it creates a new task in Trello to follow up and copy the seperate class lists, and adds one to check the student details are correct and add any bits which needs adding after. 

Simple but effective, just linking these three together.  Do you have any good examples of Workflow and IFTTT etc, please feel free to add them here.

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