4 Modern Ways to See a New City

We’ve all seen the hilarious video between the predictions that were made in ‘Back to the Future’ of what 2016 would look like and what 2016 actually looks like. No unfortunately a skateboard still doesn’t fly but there have been some amazing technological developments in the last 20 years which can make getting around town super fun and exhilarating. These new advancements have also been booming in the tourist market for people visiting new destinations who are looking for new and fun ways to get around the city. These are our four favourite modern-day, transportational gadgets that allow us to cover some serious ground when on a city break.

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The Segway


We’ve all been aware of the glorious segway for some time now but have you ever plucked up the courage to actually use one? Due to their ease of use and quick, smooth speeds the segway is one of the quickest and funnest ways to see all the sights of a new city. You will find segway tours in most major cities nowadays so it’s worth having a look online before you arrive to see what you can expect when you get there and what tours you can get involved in. Alternatively you may want to invest in your own segway as a means of getting around, not just on holiday, but also in your everyday life. There are some really fantastic models out there, so check out the official segway website and look through what’s available. Here is their current stock for you to have a gander.


The Electric Bike


The electric bike, a sort of bicycle and scooter hybrid is another fantastic way to whizz around and see all the major sights of a new city. Electric bikes make sightseeing a breeze as you get to choose when you want to put in the leg work and get some exercise and when certain areas get a little more taxing, such as hilly streets, you can simply switch on the engine and let your bike do all the hard work for you. Seeing new cities by bicycle is a fresh and energetic way to see the sights and the electric bike is a great option as if you get a little tired, you can just pass over the reigns to the little engine who will simply take over for a while.


The E-Car


E-cars are a new breed of cars that are taking the tourist industry by storm as a great way for tourists to get around a new location without damaging the environment. E-cars are an all round tourist pleaser as they are quiet, don’t need filling up with expensive fuel, are modern and smooth to drive and come in dinky little shapes that make city parking really easy.


The Electric Skateboard


So this is definitely the closest we have come to ‘Back to the Future’s prediction that by 2016, we would have flying skateboards. This skateboard certainly flies but all while still touching the ground. Electric skateboards are certainly not for the faint hearted tourist however and they are only recommended to those that have at least a little experience with skateboarding. They are great fun and again offer the dual function of either allowing you to do all the work yourself or allowing you to relax a little and let your board take over.

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