4 Ways to Take Advantage of Emerging Creative Technologies

When a new industry emerges it’s usually the early adopters that will define how the industry is shaped in the years to come. For instance, the people that created early smartphone apps and games are the ones that have millions of downloads and have engraved their spot in smartphone history as developers that managed to capitalise on a new emerging technology. This happens from time to time, but it’s important to notice the signs of a new technology that can be utilised by creative individuals to invent new ideas if you want to take advantage of it.


1. Spark early interest

There are many crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe that specialise in giving consumers a chance to take a peek into new and innovative ideas and offer them a way to support creators. For instance, someone might come out with a new smartphone app that has promise but, sadly, they have no way to find the idea. They can release an early version to spark interest and then start a funding campaign on GoFundMe or Kickstarter. If people are interested, they’ll contribute money and then that person can start up a business or pour money into an idea to see it realised.

2. Do your research

You have to keep track of all the latest technologies if you want to have an upper hand on your competition. For instance, if you don’t know what 3D printing is then you’d be doing yourself a favour by clicking the link and learning. 3D printing is an example of a booming creative technology that, like smartphones, seems to have an almost unlimited amount of uses which equates to an almost unlimited amount of business potential. You could print out just about anything: key holders, boxes, shelves, cable tidies, dispensers, toys, models— the list goes on!




3. Offer your expertise

Sometimes, people have great ideas but they don’t have the means to set up a business or gather interest because they don’t know how to get started. It’s times like this that industry experts become heavily sought-after by aspiring entrepreneurs and outsourcing companies. For instance, you could have expert knowledge about programming or 3D printing and you can offer that expertise to companies that are looking for advisors or senior members of staff to lead their projects. If you can specialise in something niche about an emerging technology and establish your position as a knowledgeable figurehead, then you’re going to get a lot of attention.

4. Take advantage of both digital and physical

If you ask a tech enthusiast, they’ll tell you that the future is digital. But despite those claims, we’re still using a lot of physical media in our lives and it doesn’t seem like those mediums are going to go away anytime soon. 3D printing is a great example of something that isn’t entirely digital but also mixes physical methods in order to create a product that is innovative, different and exciting. By using digital 3D models, we’re able to convert something into a physical product that we can touch and feel. This combination of digital and physical has led to many 3D printing businesses to grow at an exceptional rate—it’s the key to making something accessible.



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