Drones at Work: Business Uses for Drones

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Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have become hugely popular – and not just as an elaborate toy. Businesses are finding more and more uses for drones. Here are some examples of business uses, some of which may even be an inspiration to your own business.



Drones have the ability to take aerial footage of previously inaccessible areas. Like a helicopter, they can be used for news reports, documentaries and travel journalism. However, unlike helicopters, they don’t have to be flying at a certain height, and are small enough to go in between trees and explore caves as well as all manner of other nooks and crannies. Journalists wishing to use a drone must take into account FAA regulations, as taking a drone into some areas may be dangerous or pose a threat to others’ privacy or security.

Real estate

Many real estate agencies have also been adopting drones as a way of creatively advertising property. Using drones, you are able to take aerial photos of house and its garden to get an idea of its scale. This footage can even be used to create 3D interactive tour – a gimmick but one that’s sure to attract more viewers to the property.




The construction industry has also found a use for drones – allowing construction of office blocks and tall buildings to be monitored in ways that weren’t possible before. Photographs can be taken in order to better show clients the progress. Various safety features can also be better monitored – a building site manager may be able to check how construction is going from the office. Broken radio masts, chimneys and spires also no longer require someone to climb up there to examine the damage, allowing better safety precautions to be put in place before repair.


Environmental surveying

Drones can also be used for environmental purposes. Mountain tops can be checked for avalanche risks as can smoking volcanos for signs of an impending eruption, without climbers having to go up and have a look. Birds nestled into clifftops can be monitored and can wildlife in treetops and other hard to access areas. Martek Marine meanwhile offers some of the ways in which UAVs can be used at sea for ocean surveys carried out from ships and rigs.

Precision agriculture

Farmers can also use drones to get the best out of their crops. Drones are able to see things unseen by the human eye and so can be used to give better mid-season crop health reports and weed identification. Rather than trudging around crops individually, the task can be sped up with a drone. Variable-rate fertility can also be measured – by flying high up into the air and taking an aerial shot you can immediately see the areas where crop health is good and not so good. Specialist companies such as Agribotix, can provide drones with sensors that better identify problems and monitor crop health.


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