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TalkTalk Business

I recently got invited down by TalkTalk Business  to sit down and chat about their brand, their business and their broadband packages at the IPEXPO exhibition in London.  At the moment, TalkTalk Business have around 5 million broadband customers in the UK, this is mainly residential but their business side is growing rapidly.

One of the main USPs of TalkTalk Business is their Next Generation IP Network, the biggest of its kind. Their industry leading network means they don’t have to worry about upgrading the existing network and adding IP and VOIP calls over existing networks and fudging things together - they have been able to start with a fresh slate and build it correctly from the beginning. You don't need to have a BT phone line in order to have their services either; they are totally independent so users don't need to worry about having two separate bills for the services.

All of their data centres in the UK are Tier 1 class centres, so you know they can be relied on to provide a first class service to all their customers across all of the offerings, whether it’s just broadband services, or even hosting your business in the cloud.  By planning to have 50 times the capacity on their current network over the next five years, they’re looking to ensure that they always have the capacity to server the customers no matter what data they are using.

All of the telephone support and online support is based here in the UK.  They are very big on social media too, and as Jim Burns explained (TalkTalks representative on the day) they’re very focused on Customer Support and actively search social media channels for any issues that arise so they can resolve customers’ issues as soon as they can.  

The focus on ensuring the customers are on the correct plan was clear to see.  Using research data they can learn whether their customers are on the best plan suitable for them. If they are over-paying TalkTalk Business can reach out to the customer to offer numerous alternative plans, or offer advice as to the best way to utilise the plan to its full potential.  This also applies if customers are always going over their current plan, meaning they can offer a wide selection of policies so that they are getting the best value for money.

They have a section on the website called ‘MyAccount.’  This service is tailored to the customer, allowing you to login and have up-to-date information about your plans and how much you are actually using (you can also track bills). They also have an app for iOS, Android and Windows, and constantly update the application so that customers have the full functionality of the website within the application.

There are some new exciting price plans being announced very soon, I can't divulge the details but in about a week’s time I will provide all the details in a follow up post.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here

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