Chip Savings - Follow up

Chip Savings - Follow up

A little while ago I done a review of Chip.  Chip allows you to automatically save money from your bank account, you can read my first impressions review here.

Now Chip is a Savings application that works by monitoring your bank account for your spending patterns, then it sets an amount and saves that away for you automatically.

The small issues I had initially with the application have now all been ironed out at the system is working great.  The initial issues I was having with the live chat have been answered, basically it doesn't operate at the weekend.  As soon as someone was available on the Monday then they reached out to me and answered all of my questions, the chat was actually quite good, very honest and open.

Since the initial problems they had were some accounts were not automatically tracking and savings, these also have been resolved so now I am regularly saving.  It offers you an amount that it will save and if you are not happy with that amount then you can say to stop the transaction.

You can also control it so if you like you can save more or less, and it will work this out for you.  So far I have been able to tuck away the amounts it has suggested, and to be honest I am quite surprised how much I am able to tuck away.  They are now offering a £10 bonus or an extra 1% on your savings when you refer a friend or another person, you also will get a £10 bonus to your savings.  You can use this code YVQSVV when you sign up at  If you like you can email me with any other questions or I can send you a personalised link.

I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.

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Chip - Automatic Savings