Modify Strava Files

Today I had a bit of a bad accident on my bike and had to end my ride short and get picked up. However when I loaded my bike in the car I forgot to turn off my Garmin.

When I got home I loaded up my route and instanly was stunned as I had a couple of KOM, as well as some other cups, and I knew instantly this was wrong.

From my main dashboard, I clicked on the spanner icon, exported the route to a gpx file. After this I deleted the file from here.

I then went into Terminal and using vi I edited the file, in the file there are many sections like below

<trkpt lat="51.6111180" lon="0.2091650">




So I deleted all these sections down to the end of the file, this removed all the driving parts when being driven back home.

Then I could re upload the file and with the correct details, from going back in the car, one KOM I was only first by 9 seconds on a section, so not sure all people are as honest as I am.

I am always interested in feedback so please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here.  If you would like to submit a quick tip  with full credit and links back to your site then also feel free to contact me.

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