Central Location for iWeb Domain files

This post has come about as it was one of those freaky moments.  I have just done this for a friend of mine who uses iWeb and he wanted a way in which he can use iWeb on his home machine but also continue working on his site when he is not at home, i.e another persons mac or his macbook when travelling.  Just as I finished setting this up I heard the very same thing on the Maccast podcast (episode 347).  

I instructed him on how to move his Domain.sites2 file over to dropbox, if you don't use dropbox currently then use the link on the side of this post and we will both get an extra 250Mb.

The steps are very simple:


  1. Close down iWeb
  2. Navigate to /Your user/Library/Application Support/iWeb
  3. Create a folder on Dropbox to store your file, call it iWeb Domain File or something
  4. Move your Domain.sites2 file to your new folder on Dropbox.
  5. Navigate to the new location and double click on the file.  Once iWeb has loaded the file, quit iWeb then from now on when you click the iWeb icon in the dock it will load up from your file stored on Dropbox.


This way you can use your macbook, or any other Mac to make alterations on your sites with out having to manually copy the file between machines each time.

PLEASE NOTE - Do not try and edit the file from two different machines at the same time as this could cause corruption within the file.

I am always interested in feedback so feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here, also if you would like to submit a quick tip  with full credit and links back to your site then also feel free to contact me.

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