MySQL - Cant see all the data in the columns

This is follow on from a couple of other tips that I have put up recently

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This is another follow on, I suppose you could call this a mini series :-).

After importing the database I could not see all the data in all the columns.  When I done select * from , it looked garbled and would not show all the information.

The row count was correct, so I then ran the command again but this time instead of ending the statement with ; (semi colon),  I used \G .  When you use \G instead of ; it shows the data in Raw Form, not in table view.  From here is looked ok, but I still wanted to see why it was showing messed up.

Next was to change the way I view the data, so I used pager, this allows you to use OS commands and formatting like less and more in Linux.  The statement I chose was pager less -n -i S.

The options mean

-i ignore case
-n suppress line numbers
-S Chop long lines

From here when the table was displayed it showed the last column had the data followed by ^M.  Because of this control character that is what was messing the display up.

A quick update statement to set the columns to what they were supposed to be solved the problem. In this case the column had Regions in it, so a few simple updates update main_db set region = ‘EMEA’ where region like EME%’, repeated with NA and APAC, this sorted the issue. Once updated I could easily select * from and see all the data.

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ERROR 13 (HY000): Can't get stat of