Combine columns from two text files into one

This is something I have setup recently to combine counts from two servers and place them into one file.

The text files look like


DEALS-2017-03-03.txt 2317
BONDS-2017-03-03.txt 440
DEAL-2017-03-03.txt 30
EXEC-2017-03-03.txt 39


DEALS-2017-03-03.txt 2399
BONDS-2017-03-03.txt 480
DEAL-2017-03-03.txt 50
EXEC-2017-03-03.txt 39

The requirement was the file names just shown once but with both counts, I acheived this by using the paste command, an example is below

paste 01_output.txt 02_output.txt | awk '{print $1,","$2,","$4'} > combined_count.txt

So they paste command takes the two files, then with the awk command I am selecting the 1st and 2nd columns, and also the 4th column, so if you can imagine the two files together it would be 

DEALS-2017-03-03.txt 2317 DEALS-2017-03-03.txt 2399

So there are 4 columns, but we don't need the name again, so we omit that and pipe that into another file.

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