Stop prompt while copying files - bash

I was trying to copy a large directory with lots of files and I got the prompt overwrite [y/n], don't really want to do this for hundreds of files.

Now I am sure there are a few ways to overcome this, in my case there was an alias set for cp it was set as 'cp -i' so you can't accidentally overwrite the files, which is a good thing, but not when you know its safe, so on this occasion i just typed unalias cp.

Once that was done all the files copied on their own with no  bother, when you leave the session, the next time you login the session will be there.

Another way I know is to if you get the prompt, quit then type the command again but this time prefix with a \.  So \cp * /tmp for example.

Do you know of any other ways?, please comment 

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