Other Data

Other DataMany people have asked and are wondering what the other data is on their iOS device.  One of the things that is stored in here is the Documents and data sections of an application.

On your iOS device if you go to Settings->General->Usage, you will need to wait a few seconds while the list populates, this all depends on how many apps you have and how much storage is being used.

Once the list is populated you can see the total size that an application is taking up on your device.  You can see from the screen shots below.  If I use Evernote as an example then it says it takes up 427MB of space, however if you click on the arrow, you will see that the actual app only takes up 68.1MB of space the rest is my Evernote database plus any offline notebooks I have downloaded.  Another good example would be angry birds, so you can see how much of your saved data is actually taking up, but there is no way I will remove my 3 star levels.



















Looking in here is a worthwhile exercise as you can easily see if there is old applications that you no longer need that is taking up a lot of space.

From writing this post I can see that I can free up another 1.2GB as I no longer play GOF2.

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