Take a screenshot on your Samsung Android Phone

I have just got myself a little Android device.  I have not really played with Android in much detail so I got the phone so I can have a go.

The phone I got myself is a little Samsung Mini.  I only got this as it was the cheapest PAYG I could find that was running Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread).

Well for reasons that will come clear shortly I was wondering if you could take a snapshot on the device, from what I found out briefly was that you need to connect to a machine via the SDK.  I turned to twitter to see if this could be done.  I did get some responses and it seems that with Android devices only some manufacturers will allow this with out "rooting" the device or running ice cream sandwich.

As I have a samsung I am in luck, the key combination required is

Press the home button then quickly press the power button.

One other little thing to notice is that you must have and SD in the phone otherwise it won't take the screenshot ( I have tried this )

Many thanks to @stephenwing, @theboymatt, @kiphakes and @bazzacollins for getting back to me.

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