Access apps directly from notifications on iOS5

Most of you know will know by now that once you have notifications on your screen from Missed Calls, SMS, Twitter replies, WhatsApp conversations etc etc, you can access the application directly from swiping the application icon.

So for example on my phone screen as you can see here, if I swiped the WhatsApp icon, it would then prompt me for my passcode.  Once I have typed that it it would load Whatsapp and take me to the conversation.

However I noticed the other day that it if you swipe on a missed call, it does NOT prompt you for the passcode, it will automatically dial the number straight back.  Once you are dialling the number you can't access the contacts etc, as it will prompt you for the code, but it will ring the person.  Now this is not a major issue I know, but strange how it will let you call somebody straight back without the passcode, when everything else requires it.

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