Omnifocus Clippings Shortcut

Recently I was watching some videos from Macworld about omnifocus.  I love the app and use it all the time.  There was a tip on there about setting up a clipping shortcut, so when you type this key combination, it will place your items directly into your inbox, great I thought, I never knew that and that could really help me out.


When ever I tried to create the combo I wanted, I always get the message.


Mac OS X requires restarting other applications before they will use the new keyboard shortcut.


This kept happening, no matter what applications, I shut down and restarted etc, after a brief search on google, I found the answer to resolve this.


The steps you need to take are:


1. Go into System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Services.

2. Scroll down and Find the OmniFocus: Send to Inbox entry.

3. *Uncheck* the box beside the entry.

4. Close System Preferences. 

5. Open OmniFocus and go to Preferences - Clipping.

6. Enter the shortcut you prefer (ctrl + option + command + c for me).


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