Workflow now called shortcuts no longer works with Drafts 4

Today I was trying to use an old workflow I will have to use more frequently again soon. When I tried to run it today it told me I needed to have Drafts and to open the app store.

I have Drafts 4 on my iOS devices and has worked fine, but it appears now that is will now only support Drafts 5 by default. I think it will still work if you want to create your own x-call backs.

Not sure about Drafts 5 yet, yes it will work initially as 4 but now you have to subscribe to be able to do anything with it in terms of actions, this is only the first day, not sure if I can import my old actions.

Does anyone know of a simple way to use Drafts 4 with Shortcuts?

iPhone unveiled 12 years ago

iPhone unveiled 12 years ago

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