Everyday Gaming Tech You Didn't Know Needed Upgrading

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You’ve spent so long amassing new tech, obsessing over the latest new gadgets and gizmos that for quite a long time, you’ve been blind to an inescapable fact… A lot of your everyday tech sucks!

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Just take a look at your gaming rig. Sure your graphics card delivers glorious textures and silky smooth frame rates, you have enough V-RAM to render a perfect 1:1 replica of your neighbourhood and your solid state drive is eyebrow-singeingly fast… But your monitor’s minging, your keyboard’s crappy and your mouse is… meh!

The tech you take for granted, while perfectly serviceable, desperately needs an upgrade. Look at some of the glorious goodies you could be gaming on instead!

Monitors that are easy on the eye (in more ways than one)

When it comes to monitors, you’ve probably been using the same one for so long you’ve no idea what the humble monitor is capable of right now. Case in point: the glorious FlexScan monitors available from Eizo. The EV2780, for example, now has an in-built USB Type-C terminal allowing you to transmit audio, video and USB signals, supporting a blisteringly fast transfer rate of 5 Gbps to connected devices.

It also supplies 30 watts of power to recharge notebooks and other devices, thereby eliminating the need for separate power cables. It’s super sleek too, with a frame that’s just 1mm in width and a cabinet that comes in black or white with a range of cable colours to match your home or office.

Moreover, it delivers picture-by-picture quality via an LED backlit in-plane switching LCD panel with a crystalline native resolution of 2560 x 1440. It also adjusts the screen’s brightness in accordance with the room’s ambient brightness to reduce power usage while eliminating eye-strain.

Cutting edge keyboards

While there are a contingent of gamers that favour the joypad, the hardcore will always opt for the keyboard and to a serious PC gamer, a keyboard needs to feel like a comfortable pair of shoes while delivering the tactile performance and response of a muscle car. And if your keyboard just happens to look glorious then so much the better.

There’s no keyboard that better embodies this than the Corsair K-95 RGB. The distinctive design is rendered in a machined aircraft-grade aluminum base that is sleek yet substantial. It looks glorious, especially with the multicoloured per-key backlighting that allows for unparalleled customization with over 16.8 million available colours. It’s no slouch ergonomically, either with a removable wrist rest, and a 134-key design with 122-key rollover to prevent logjam.

Nice mice

Your humble mouse is far from living up to it’s true potential. It needs to roar! The kind of mouse that best suits you will depend on your specific needs but for a great all-rounder we recommend the Cherry MC4000 Precision. Its frictionless underside glides with glorious smoothness and its symmetrical ambidextrous design mean that you’ll be comfortable whether a southpaw or a righty. It can also switch from 1000 to 2000 DPI modes, making it perfect for UHD and 4K displays.



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