How To Love Working from Home, Free from Distractions

You’ve done it: you've made the move to a flexible lifestyle and you now work from home. This can be seen as the greatest blessing of all--you set the rules, the schedule, the time you spend at lunch. Suddenly, you can now get to work whenever you feel most productive from the comfort of your own home.

At the same time, working from home can also be a curse. The amount of freedom and independence can often lead to less productivity and more distractions. Taking five minutes to use the bathroom may lead to an entire reorganization of your linen closet.

If you work from home and want to stay on task, there are certain ways to sharpen your focus, including:

·Go to work! -- Pretend you’re actually going to a job by still dressing the part (or at least resembling professional attire) and stick to a schedule of waking up at the same time each day.

·Create a work environment -- By setting up a designated space for your office work, you’ll feel inclined to spend time there working. Also, other people in the house will know that you mean business when you’re there and will be less likely to pester you.

For additional working from home tips, keep in mind that distractions are the greatest enemy to productivity, and before long, you’ll be a successful at-home workhouse.

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